1. What kind of steel do you use?
    1.  I use mainly High Carbon Tool steels such as 1084, 1095, W2, 52100 and Damascus (1084 and 15n20). Occasionally for special projects I use Stainless such as CPM-154, AEBL, and Elmax
  2. Do you have a retail store?
    1. No, we use authorized retail and online distributors and an updated list is kept (here)
  3. Do you make your own Damascus?
    1. Yes
  4. Do you attend Knife Shows
    1. Yes, we have held a booth at BladeShow in ATL since 2006
  5. Do you make Chef Knives, Swords, Bowies, Axes?
    1. Yes, I love interesting new projects. Let me know what your looking for and we can make it happen
  6. Will you ship international?
    1. Yes, if you pay shipping
  7. Do you use modern or natural honing stones to sharpen your knives?
    1. I use some modern Diamond stones and up to 15k on Japanese Natural Water Stones
  8. What happens if I break your knife?
    1. We would like the knife mailed or brought back to us for inspection and we will issue you another one.
  9. Do you work with expensive materials, such as Timascus, MokuTi, Ivory, Etc
    1. Yes, depending upon commission materials must be paid for up front.
  10. I do not see what I want on your site, will you make me it?
    1. Yes, draw up your design or contact Stephan with help.
  11. Can I come see my knife being made?
    1. We broadcast knives being made (here) for you to see. Being in the shop is hazardous and a liability we cannot offer.
  12. Are your knives made in USA?
    1. Yes, all materials and parts are made by myself here in the USA.
  13. Do you offer LEO/MIL/EMS discounts?
    1. Yes, please contact me directly for more information.
  14. I would like to review a knife on social media?
    1. We attempt to put knives in the hands of most reviewers, please email with requested knife and your social media outlets and we will get back to you.
  15. Can I have my Fowler Knife sharpened that I bought years ago?
    1. Yes
  16. I Just purchased a third party FowlerBlades knife…How do I tell when it was made?
    1. For knives hand stamped Fowler, it is 2005 or before, with etched mark fowler it is 2006-2008, with etched mark Fowler it is 2008-2015.
  17. I bought the knife from a third party not a dealer…Am I still eligible for warranty and free sharpening?
    1. Yes.