About Fowler Blades

FOWLERBLADES  are hand forged using traditional blacksmithing methods; using only the highest quality steels for your perfect knife or tool. Stephan finishes each and every blade by hand, paying special attention to details, such as: contours, balance, grain of steel and hone. You cannot and will NOT find a store bought blister package that can compete with the pride Stephan puts into each piece that comes out of his Forge.


I am VERY pleased to announce that I have partnered with FeralKnives as a knife Designer.  look forward to seeing some exceptional quality craftsmanship, made right her in Georgia coming soon.



Watch live video from wickedbowie on www.twitch.tv<;/a>

If your a Master Chef spending all day in a kitchen, or just like to have that special carving knife for thanksgiving with family –  Take pride in showing that completely custom and heirloom quality blade off to your guy or girlfriends.We want you to have a blade that will be passed on throughout the next generation of your family. We guarantee the knife for life. Your life and Your grand-kids life.


Stephan’s knives are designed to last longer then we will. Thus we can happily warranty any “Ooops” moments that happen, whether your in the kitchen or you managed to drop it off that mountain you were climbing on duty – You will be surprised what stories we could tell you.


Little info about Stephan:

I am married, have a beautiful wife and three – yes – three little girls with a child on the way. I hold a Journeyman Smith ranking in the American Blade-Smith Society and am currently a full time knife maker in Kennesaw, GA and Pres. of the Georgia Knife Makers Guild.

I have been making knives since 2002 and have a passion for the interesting. Top of the list on my “enjoy making”, is Japanese style Chef knives, Modern Bowie’s and Straight Razors.

I am currently taking orders and all emails should go to stephan(at)fowlerblades.com